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A Breakdown | Jessie Harper's (Arizona) Swing

Jessie led all NCAA I hitters with 29 Home Runs in 2019. This Vlog breaks down Jessie Harper's amazing swing. A swing to emulate.

If you are going to try to copy a swing, this is it. Jessie does so many great things. That is one of the reasons she has succeeded. Some statistics:


.333 Batting Avg, 9 Doubles, 29 Home Runs, 70 RBI, 20 Walks and 27 Strike Outs (Yes, even the best hitters strike out sometimes)


.342 Batting Avg, 39 Doubles, 76 Home Runs, 206 RBI

So, I don't know if she is planning on playing again in 2021 since she lost a lot of her senior season but it does look like she will be playing. Yay! This means she will need 20 home runs to break the all time career Home Run Record of 95 that is held by Lauren Chamberlain that played at Oklahoma from 2012-2015 and considered one of the all time best players.

This particular video, I, break down Jessie's swing against the USA Olympic Team this past March (before the pandemic). She hit two home runs in this video against the best team in the world. The first one was against Cat Osterman which is considered one of the best pitchers ever to step in the circle and rightfully so!

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