• Holly Knight

Hitters, Ya' Gotta Get To the Launch Position!

It is called many things from Launch Position to Loaded Position to Power Position but one thing is for certain, "you gotta get there!

It can be called the Launch Position but also the Loaded Position or the Power Position.  Whatever you call it, call it very important.  This is the position your body gets into right before you begin your forward approach with your hands and bat.  It is after the load.  It is after the hand movement.  It is after the stride.  It is your ready position.  Wait, you could call it that too.

There has been a lot written about this position and ultimately most hitting experts agree that it doesn't matter (that much) where you start in your stance as long as you get to this position and get there early enough to attack the ball.  

I am not saying the stance and the load is not important, they are important but only as long as they enable the hitter to get to this Launch Position and get there early enough.

"Hitters fail often because they DO NOT get to their Launch Position properly and early enough to read the pitch."

So, when you video your daughter, stop the video when the stride foot is down (or 90% down) and if they aren't here, they need to do some work to get here.  If they don't get here early enough they will have a lot of difficulty hitting the ball on time and if they don't get to this position at all, they will lose quite a bit of power. 

The Loaded Position is:

  • Where the eyes are level and on the ball,

  • The hands are back behind the back shoulder with the front elbow (left for RH Hitters) still bent.

  • The height of the hands is around the height of the back shoulder.

  • The bat head is pointing over the shoulder and slightly forward toward the pitcher.

  • The waist is bent toward the plate.

  • the knees are bent.

  • The weight is actually mostly on the back leg but the center of the body is slightly behind halfway between the feet.  

  • The width of the feet is pretty wide.

  • This photo shows almost a perfect Launch Position.

The sequence of our complete swing is:

  • Stance

  • Load

  • Launch Position

  • Approach (the actual swing)

  • Contact

  • Through

  • Finish (follow-through)

Work on improving your ability to get from stance to Launch position easily and smoothly. This is the Load and the load is important but the load must get you to this launch position!

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